#Venture Aria

Turn sound on. She is voice activated and just brought me a cup with my medication in it.

Aria is a robotic helper for the home that has many sensors and is precise enough to fetch things from around the home. She has an RPI3 and an arduino Mega. You will notice that the cup actually contained one of my medications.

I intend to use her as a robotic helper for my mom who couldnt do small tasks after getting chemo for cancer treatment.

The raspberry pi controls all voice activation plus the swift ipad app I created. The Mega controls all back end subsystems as well as an IR remote sensor as a backup in case the rpi has issues.

I wanted to prove you didnt need millions of dollars to create a robot that could really help people. You just needed logic and determination.

Aria has many functions programmed in C, Python and bash scripts. She has a camera so that I can see what she sees through the flask app. She has temp pressure and motion sensors to test for presence. Basically its a sentry feature. Ill be upgrading this with the adafruit thermal imager sensor. Her arm can track by pixy which tracks objects by size and color.

She runs on 4 12 volt 9 amp batteries. They also are enough ballast so she can hold a good amount and maintain stability.

She has voice activation from the rpi with snowboy and the google voice api. She has an Emics 2 text to speech synthesizer for responses.

Her drivetrain is vex motors geared for high torque with vex treads. There is a 750 Watt converter to connect a 12 volt battery to the rpi. She has her own speakers that are about to be upgraded. They have low volume. -- Kurfirstcorp.com #venturearia.