Save Me is the height of solidarity.

Having a heart attack? Get an injury? Are you in Danger? You need Please Save Me. Please Save Me can save your life. It can save the lives of your friends, relatives and loved ones. It can save the lives of neighbors and futures relations.

Once you sign up for an account and approve notifications and GPS location, the app landing screen has three large buttons. They are Heart Attack, Triage, and In Danger. Once a button is clicked, in regards to your situation, a message comes up certifying that you are in need of help and to call 911 first. This app is secondary to emergency services. Once you click ok, the app sends a broadcast notification to anyone that has downloaded my app in a five mile radius around you. When they go into the app and find you, they click On My Way and get led to a map screen with directions from their location to you. An apartment number is required during sign up if applicable as GPS coordinates only get a helper so far. Once there, she or he can help in any way deemed necessary. You, being in need, can click On Their Way at the top of the screen to see who is coming.

I created the app for a few reasons. The main reason is I was waiting for my mom to get done with her 6 month cancer check up. An elderly woman in a wheel chair was talking to her son. She mentioned that she fell and it took an ambulance 12 minutes to get to her. She was in an elderly community and there could have been people to help her if they knew she needed attention. When my mom was going through her "Cure" she was incredibly weak and could have easily been in the same predicament as this other woman. Fortunately I was with her to keep this from happening. This made a bell go off in my head. If the person could call 911, she could have pushed a button in an app to alert people to come to aid her. Then I was watching the news and saw that a woman was attacked on a run. It seems the person was following her for quite some time and she did call 911 but it took so much time for the police to get to her, the attack had happened anyway. What if their were bystanders that could have helped if they knew she was in danger. I decided I would create this app to help lessen or alleviate these types of fears. With a button click any passerby would know a person was in need of help and could come to rescue. You will never be truly alone again.

There are many security features. One, the broadcast lasts for 30 minutes. After that your notification goes away. Anyone within 5 miles can get to you fast. A person in your same apartment complex could be in the same building and perform CPR till ambulance services arrives. 2. Up to 20 helpers can respond to your notification for help. There is always strength in numbers and this keeps every one in check. Lastly, all users can be rated with a happy face or angry face depending on actions. This can alleviate shady characters or people crying wolf too much. The information is secured with high encryption and tunneling to my servers. Also, people will only have access to your location when in an emergency scenario.

I feel this app can create a sense of well being and togetherness in all people. It is a service to others and gives you purpose and a sense of good will. I think humanity can be better with Please Save Me.

In the future, I would like to make a bluetooth ring, bracelet or other such device with a panic button. This button will connect with Please Save Me and send the broadcast without going into the app. Of course the medical alert paraphernalia would be activated first, but my technology will guarantee no one is ever alone again.

If there is ever a problem with the app on any device please let me know. It needs to work perfectly in order to succeed.